Video Engineer

Primarily responsible for the video switching of content being displayed on large screens. Routing of video to various displays. Must be familiar with large image and video processor switchers.

Graphic Design Specialist

Content is key in live events As design/operator, the GFX Op assures content is appropriate for output on display screens. Creating, designing, and updating the content visual aspects. Proficient in various editing softwares such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Powerpoint, Keynote etc.

Audio Visual Technician

The general role in live or virtual events, for setup and operation. This position has the fundamentals to complete various tasks such as follow signal flow of audio mixing and video switching, Providing support to Production Engineers and Specialists.

Audio Engineer

As A1, every input and output is driven at your fingertips. Knowledge of the function of the knobs and faders on various mixing consoles, digital, analog or virtual is a must. The A1 is versed in mixing for conferences, churches and concerts.

Camera Operator

Events Camera Operators are focused on the frame of their subject. We often provide the camera solution based on the venue and environment, studio podcast or live broadcast. Cam Ops will be knowledgeable in the entire camera chain from POV, HDC & PTZ.

Streaming Technician

Considering most of our events are hybrid, the Streaming Technician is a specialist, managing the core aspects of live stream for the event. This position will be familiar with various platforms and methods of live streaming.

LED Specialist

As video walls are expansive modular large displays, so is the importance of the LED Specialist. Universally responsible for the assembly, programming and operation of the video wall. This position will have expertise to design and operate for various models of rigging or ground supported LED Walls.


Specialize in using the tools and techniques for the main displays in various environments installed indoor and outdoor. Tasks would include projection mapping, multi-projector blending.

Lighting Designer

The LD will design lighting to be practical, useful, and attractive ensuring it’s optimal for attendees, videography, photography, on-stage presenters and on-screen content. Responsible for selecting fixtures appropriate for the venue / environment while purposeful for the stage aesthetics and illuminating the venue for the awesome event production experience.

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Event planning a virtual event can be a stressful. Download our FREE Checklist to help you stay organized and prepared for your upcoming event.

FREE Virtual Event Planning Checklist

Even planning a virtual event can be stressful.
Download our FREE Checklist to help you stay organized and prepared for your upcoming event.